The Fly That Flew Into My Right Cheek | Warning To All Christians

When a person exposes the truth and the public is unresponsive, as if they insist the truths we are telling them are either something fabricated or, that we’re, wait for it….”conspiracy theorists,” without ever trying to know why the CIA coined the phrase to begin with, it is because of these demons that roam the earth, and they are as real as the cell phone you are holding. These demons do exist and it is imperative that mankind, especially Americans, reject the propaganda and recognize how both sides are being deceived. Just listen to what I have to say. They do exist in the spiritual realm and it can be proven. Once it is proven, and a person realizes a spiritual realm does exist, then we can begin to sabotage the wicked, with the power of the Holy Spirit and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

This is the point where it would be extremely wise for mankind to humble themselves before God, and at least try to comprehend this reality, and see what many truthers are trying to show them as the real authentic truth, so they are then able to see the chain reaction of events that has already occurred, in addition to what will occur as a result of people not recognizing the many different truths that are critical for them, and for all of mankind, to fully comprehend, in order to defeat Satan in the end. Before you reject the idea of Satan being real, please listen to me, since your life depends on it. Preventing the orchestrated Satanic blood ritual these Swiss Octogon Pharaohs and other enemies of humanity are planning for mankind, as they have always done throughout history, because they are Satan’s easiest targets,may be the most important thing the American people have ever needed to do to save their country, freedom, sovereignty, and Constitution, and recognizing this fact may possibly wake up a huge segment of the population to finally do what is right by completely obliterating the evil that has been brought into this world by these criminal sociopaths and their ancient Babylonian sacrificial rituals, etc. The naysayers and those who simply don’t know these truths, will choose to remain in ignorance until the threat becomes more obvious. The reason most people don’t know the details involving the degree of corruption, fraud, deception, and evil facing the American people is because a lot of this information has been deliberately kept hidden, especially by the media. They have been complicit ever since the Rockefellers asked them to be silent, and they agreed, with many CIA infiltrators working in the media applying the pressure on them. It also makes them feel safe to not talk about these things, as if they don’t exist, but it is a false sense of security, and because it is the exact direction someone would take if they wanted to be defeated, it’s up to patriots to give a little nudge and wake these people up whenever possible. We really can’t afford to wait until most people wake up later. We need them awake and aware of the threat facing the American people Regarding the demonic influence on the wicked and their use of sorcery and witchcraft to literally cast spells on TV viewers, in addition to propaganda, psychological operations and predictive programming, it will be a very difficult thing for people to acknowledge as being truthful, and a threat. The closer people get to knowing the truth, the more they realize human intellect does not trump spiritual truth.

I promise you it will make sense if you try to make sense of it and are able to strip away all the physical things of this world and imagine the only thing left on earth are people. I suppose they can be clothed for this example image, but in sackcloth. The enemies of humanity I am referring to have rejected God, along with all of the people they are able to influence, so be careful who the corrupt and evil system labels as an influencer. It is for this reason, God has sent so many people a strong delusion, because they have rejected the truth, but most importantly they have neglected God. This was done on purpose. The American educational system has been infiltrated to deliberately dumb down our children, to make then Godless haters of freedom, the Constitution, family values, and people who oppose abortion and LGBTQ being treated as something that is normal. This way they are divided from those who think differently, and the enemy has our civilization divided in so many ways that always works to their advantage. It is the truth, they are unable to see what is really happening because their ability and willingness to reason has been deliberately deluded by God and crushed by Satan, to bring about a scenario that will result in God winning, regardless of…..”I just had a fly buzz into the side of my right cheek as I was typing the word “ensued.” Now that really freaked me out. Even though it was 70 degrees today, it’s still only March 4th. Where did that fly come from? I am in New York State. “By the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, disempower the wicked and release their demons.” what happens, because God is the Supreme authority over all of us. Let us not be divided by our religions and just listen to what I am trying to say. The primary explanation begins now.

It seems as though Satan and his demons are furious that mankind is taking the place of them and their parents in the Heavenly Realms, with God. The fallen angels, like all angels, are created spiritual beings without flesh and bones who are occasionally able to appear in human form, and it was they who rejected God, just like Liberals and many of the wicked people of today have rejected God. The fallen angels rebelled against God, along with an Archangel named Lucifer. Lucifer became Satan and the demons of today are the offspring of the fallen angels and women, the actual giants who once roamed the earth causing mayhem, as their parents directed them to do. Therefore, when these giants lived on the earth, they were half human and half angel, and now they are only in the spiritual realm, causing mayhem and chaos in our civilization by using the people they are capable of influencing to divide us all, so they can conquer us all and steal as many souls as possible away from God. It is all about souls, whether you believe it or not.

Again, it is important that you believe me because I speak no lies here. Nor do I take sides, other than the side of the righteous and Holy. If there is a reason you have a hard time believing in Jesus Christ as mankind’s Savior, it is because you have not taken the first step by saying aloud that you believe Jesus Christ died for the sin of mankind and that you believe He died on the Cross and rose again, in fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures. Keep in mind that many of these Holy Scriptures were written at different times throughout history and they are what makes our current Holy Bible, the same Holy Bible that is capable of surviving motel, hotel, car, and home fires, and is still around to this day, with the same meaning and purpose as originally intended by God. It is a fallacy that the Bible has been altered numerous times by the wicked, although they have tried, and always failed. Otherwise, the King James Bible, version 1611, would not be this Bible that is capable of surviving for so long. Think about it.

The fallen angels are currently locked up in Tartarus, until the time of the end, but their offspring, the Nephilim spirits, or the spirits of the giants, have been able to roam the earth and infect our world with evil, ever since they were forced back into the spiritual realm, when God killed them all with the worldwide flood. Not only did the giants cause chaos and mayhem on earth, in the physical realm, as giants, but when they eventually died, and their souls were rejected at Heaven’s Gate, and they were sent straight back to earth, their numbers rose steadily in the spiritual realm up until the time of the flood, when most of the Nephillim were killed and forced into the spiritual realm. They continue to roam the earth as Satan’s demons, in mass. Some people say that many of them are I just had a fly buzz into the side of my right cheek as I was typing the word “ensued, which I decided not to use.” Now that really freaked me out. Even though it was 70 degrees today, it’s still only March 4th. Where did that big fat fly come from? I am in New York State. “By the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, disempower the wicked and release their demons.” I just realized the more demons we expel from people, the more demons there will be roaming around. Nevertheless, it’s important that we get them out of people whenever possible.

still alive, and videos have been seen of strange, extremely large person or beast, roaming on top of a far-off mountain.

Up until the time of the flood, the number of demons roaming the earth steadily increased, until they were eventually able to possess most of mankind, and create an age of unimaginable evil, madness, chaos, and mayhem, which is precisely what is steadily happening to our civilization right now, but why are the number of demonic possessions growing again? If these days we’re living in right now are supposed to be “As it was during the time of Noah?” It is because souls are dying and becoming demons, for Satan’s cause, and Satan will continue to steal souls away from God until people wise up and transition themselves away from the wicked to become God’s chosen ones. There is no other solution for the present time, but even if this does not happen, God will defeat Satan in the end. God always has a counter-action for every one of Satan’s actions, and if you examine the politics of the world, you will notice this. If for some reason you discover there was no counter-action, it is because it was unnecessary and not part of God’s ultimate plan to defeat Satan. Satan and his demons may be clever, but they will never be able to defeat God and God’s chosen ones, nor can they attack them, but they will try, just as they tried, while I was writing this, which I explain later.

Revelation 12:9chapter context similar meaning copy save
And the great dragon was  , that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was   into the earth, and his angels were   with him.

Revelation 12:9 Context

6And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. 7And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 10And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 11And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 12Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

The number of possessed people increased during the time of Noah, as more giants died each day until the entire civilization was just pure evil everywhere, which is identical to what is happening right now. Lucifer the Archangel, became Satan, and because the fallen angels were an abomination, it was God’s soul objective for causing the flood, and I suppose that is where that saying, “Soul Objective,” comes from, but if I’m not mistaken, it was also because these demons were able to possess the bodies of way more people back then, than they would ever be capable of doing today, due to the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Trinity, God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

In all practicality, that is what we would expect, but something happened to cause the rise in the number of people being possessed today, and that is what I can’t put my finger on. I believe it has something to do with the COVID injections, the mRNA abomination, Luciferase, Graphine Oxide, and so on. Anyhow, It is through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that we are able to confront, and defeat the wicked, by casting out their demons and forcing them back into the ether, as opposed to being inside the bodies of Liberals, Democrats, RINOs, and other people who have rejected God as the one true and Holy God.

The fallen angels were once free to roam the earth, in the spiritual realm to influence men, and occasionally take on human form and impregnate women, which is what created the Nephilim, aka real giants, but now they are dead, and it is their spirits that roam the earth, as demons, looking for souls to devour. The fallen angels have been locked up in Tartarus since the time of Noah, until the time of the end, and although I am not certain, now that giants are being sited roaming the earth in the physical form again, it is quite possible that the fallen angels have been released from Tartarus, and have been able to impregnate women again, and create more giants. Nobody knows for certain. We only know what The Holy Bible tells us, but many of these things make sense. If the end times are going to be like it was during the time of Noah, then doesn’t it mean that giants will once again roam the earth? In my opinion, that is precisely what it means. It also means that as these giants and wicked people die, more demons will exist, to cause chaos and mayhem within our civilization, and NOW YOU KNOW WHY THE MEDIA IS ATTACKING CHRISTIANS. This attack on Christians will continue until the controllers of the physical world are able to influence politicians that Christians must be slaughtered, and according to the Bible, this is precisely what happens. However, I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. God will win regardless.

It is up to mankind to turn to God, and Jesus Christ, since nobody will enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless it is through Jesus Christ. The giants are being seen growing in numbers again, and it’s quite possible this is the reason we are not allowed to explore Antarctica, then it’s quite possible the videos I’ve seen are accurate. Think about it. I’m presenting you with real life possibilities that sure seem to be aligning with the truth, and I urge you to look into these things for yourself.

This is who the deep state, and many billionaires and trillionaires, actually worship. Secret societies, such as the Freemasons, also worship Lucifer, but they still managed to get new recruits who actually believe they can worship Jesus Christ and be Freemasons, or members of other secret societies that I will not mention here since this is already becoming a lengthy book. Well, this is absolutely false. Freemasons, and all secret societies are inherently evil, and known to worship Lucifer, at the highest levels inside the organization. I was told about this when I was in fourth or fifth grade, and I actually remember telling another boy my age that the end of days in the wicked world would begin in 2008. I remember where I was standing when I said it, but I don’t remember to whom I said it. I was a Holy Child who was constantly attacked by demons. 2008 is when things would kick into gear. Naturally, I was wrong, since this really got heated in 2001, when the Twin Towers were mini-nuked on several different floors. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

On the other hand, it was the year the greatest American traitor of all time was installed as President of the USA, Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, a CIA agent, who wasn’t even born in the USA. The evidence is overwhelming and the evidence, if it still exists, existed long enough that everyone should know the truth by now.


I have a video that shows certain floors of the Twin Towers actually exploding near the corners of the building. I do not have time to upload this since I have thousands of videos. 9/11 was a Satanic blood ritual, just like all orchestrated wars, famines, plagues, and genocides. The spilling of blood is what Satan demands and the insanely wealthy, not all, but some, are Luciferians who are in direct communication with Satan’s demons. There is so much evidence that this is really the truth, it stuns me to the core that more people do not see it. I realize that millions of people do see it, and many of those people, such as SGT Report, X22 Report, Xtreme Reality Check, And We Know, and many others are speaking about these things, but the information contained in this article is of utmost importance. I will continue to search for the video but is not nearly as important as what is contained in this article.


The demons of today have been here since the time of Noah. Many people of the modern age who knew, as well as those who died off sooner, and those who currently know about these demons, never asked where they came from. Well, now we know. They were not always here. However, Satan was, but I don’t currently have any in depth knowledge on that topic.

I don’t know how many demons there are, but I do know this; during the time of these demons, there were supposedly billions of people on earth, and demons managed to possess most of them in the past, so I doubt they will be unable to accomplish the same task, but if they do, madness will ensue, just as it was in the time of Noah.

I just had a fly buzz into the side of my right cheek as I was typing the word “ensue.” Now that really freaked me out. Even though it was 70 degrees today, it’s still only March 4th. Where did that big fat fly come from? I am in New York State. “By the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, disempower the wicked and release their demons.” I just realized the more demons we expel from people, the more demons there will be roaming around. Nevertheless, it’s important that we get them out of people whenever possible.

Is it possible that this simple prayer can help mankind? I just don’t know, and I don’t want to offend God. I am not a prophet and I certainly don’t want to be a false prophet. I was just explaining my feelings about this situation while my fingers typed away, and I’m inclined to believe these demons are furious that I am revealing this information. (The information in these parenthesis is being written two weeks after I wrote this article. I am writing to inform you that I have been having very strange lucid dreams regarding demons and my battle with them. During one the dreams, I am choking the demon and invoking the name of Jesus Christ many times, until the demon disintegrates into thin air but seems to have gone in me, as I watched a stream of the disintegrated particles enter into the right side of my body. I don’t think it really happened, but I do think something strange is happening that I cannot explain. Oh, and one more thing, since I wrote this article two weeks ago I purchased and listened to a book by John MacArthur named “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ,” numerous times. I fall asleep listening to it. That could be part of the reason my dreams are all out of wack but it was still so vivid and frightening nonetheless. The book is exceptional and will change your heart, and within a few weeks of listening to it you will notice significant changes in yourself, such as certain things no longer being of interest, because I believe that by aligning my way of thinking with what Jesus Christ spoke in the Gospels, even through His prophets, it has allowed a lot of Grace to enter my heart, because I have this desire to become Holy after hearing His spoken Word. I want to crush our enemies, just as much as they want to mass murder mankind with bio-weapons, nano-partical aerosol spraying in our skies, HAARP weaponized weather warfare, directed energy weapons, and all of the other tools Satan has coerced and manipulated mankind into using.

Many people of the world who do not have the presence of The Holy Spirit in their life, to guide them, are continuing to flat-out deny just how deep the evil in this country goes, even after they are shown the indisputable truth, because it is unpleasant to speak about, and people who speak about it no longer feel safe. Bravery in speaking the truth, comes only from one place, in my opinion, God. When people choose to be complicit and not take a stand against the wicked, vocally or visually, they are giving up their power, and that is when civilizations begin to have very serious problems, because they would rather be politically correct, without knowing why the political correctness programming, propaganda, and mainstream media narratives were even created and installed in our civilization, in the first place.

This world belongs to Lucifer. That is a fact and saying so does not mean I am pro-Lucifer. I most certainly, am not. However, this might explain the Popes actions but he may be at war with the enemy to and following a higher purpose granted by God. We just don’t know so we should not bear false witness. We don’t know what God has planned or how He let’s His people help in ways that are totally necessary, and beyond anything we could fully comprehend. It would be wise not to cast judgement on the Pope or anyone, as I have also done, but have repented of my past actions and words. There is always a deeper meaning to things, as I have emphasized in this writing. The Pope has his reasons for doing things and although it may seem like he is going along with Satan’s, aka the former Lucifer’s game-plan, it’s very possible this plan is being laid out the way it is for reason unbeknownst to us. The long term hope of all Christians is to defeat Satan and his demons, and we know Jesus Christ wins in the end. That is why those who wish to defeat God will increase their demonic behavior behind our backs and let things grow steadily more out of control, just as it was in the time of Noah. Hopefully, you get the gist of what I am trying to explain.

The things that are happening in our reality are completely controlled by we the people. God has given us free will, and although He has, on many occasions, helped individuals and entire families; every time God did something like that, it was a counter-action for the actions of the wicked, or in response to something Satan, or the ones Satan communicates with, and influences, did or said. In every single case or attack by demons, it was, and still is, in complete retaliation to God, including the actions of the Godless Liberals, Democrats, and RINOS. They are the ones who have been sent a strong delusion, as indicated in the Holy Bible, and know not what they do. However, many know exactly what they are doing. Others are unable to recognize how they are being coerced and manipulated into feeling pride as they reject God and His rules. THEY ARE DECEIVED BY SATAN AND DO NOT KNOW IT. Those who work in the media and go along with this narrative are helping Satan, and God will not look kindly upon that. This is what Satan does, but he tries to confuse us by doing the same thing to everyone in the world who is not protected by the Holy Spirit. Protect yourself now while you still can. Pray to Jesus Christ and bring Him into your life through Faith and Grace.

This force of evil is very real and it exists in our world today. The only way to fight against it and succeed is through The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. There are things mankind can do to steer us away from trouble in the physical realm, but Satan and his demons will always be there, ready to pounce on whoever is not protected by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for people to believe me, especially those who have been sent a strong delusion and continue to reject God and Jesus Christ. More importantly, God will always have the upper hand on Satan. God, Christians, and many other religions, all know this ends badly for the wicked, so don’t be on the side of the wicked.

These enemies of humanity are real and they need to be confronted by Christianity. As much as this may offend a non-Christian, it is the truth and we are not speculating that it’s the truth. We are 100,000% sure it is the truth and it is not going to harm anyone to trust Christians on this, unless they are possessed by demons and don’t even know it. We Christians are the ones who have the power to cast out demons! There is no other reason for anyone to be in opposition of something that is going to benefit mankind, and the intensity of their commitment to their rebellion against Christians, simply confirms they are controlled by these demons. Don’t believe me? Why do you suppose the wicked start killing Christians in the end times? Can you not see the escalating persecution of Christians? The media does not tell you how badly Christians are persecuted in other parts of the world. We must find this information in alternative media. Those who control the media, feed different parts of the world very different types of propaganda that divides us, and while we are divided physically, which is what God chose and did for us, it is the wicked who are trying to flood the borders of the world with many people who oppose God and Christians, so they are not only trying to divide us in our ideals, they are trying to bring us closer together so we clash with each other. Even if that is not the case regarding who is coming across the borders, it is still in retaliation to what God originally intended for mankind AFTER THE FALL OF BABYLON. It is because Christians are the only ones who can cast out demons. That is the ONLY REASON CHRISTIANS ARE BEING PROSECUTED! PLEASE HEAR ME! Make friends with Christians and become one yourself. Become part of God’s Army of Christians!

There is no better way to know if someone is a Christian than to witness them cast out the demons of the wicked. The wicked are terrified because they know this is going to start happening soon, and they believe Satan’s lie and think he is going to give them an afterlife that is equivalent to God’s Heavenly Realms. Well, that is simply untrue, unBiblical, and unScriptural, and it’s quite possible they know this, which is why they are going to lash out anyhow. If I were them, I would humble myself before God, and it’s quite possible that some of these demons are going to try this. They are seducing spirits who you must never feel sorry for since they have already chosen their path. It is not up to us. Allow God into your life but do not allow demons to seduce you. Resist temptation and the things of this world, and for the Love of God, please remember what I said, which was mentioned in the book, “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by John MacArthur, “The intellect of humanity does not trump spiritual truth.”

All souls of those created in God’s image are worth saving, but these demons are hybrids, and cannot be saved. They are half human and half angel, because they were the offspring of the Fallen Angels. They are called Nephilim and their fate is not in Heaven, because they are an abomination to God and all things pure, and Holy. It would be wise of mankind to humble themselves, and recognize that it’s quite possible we might not know how the spiritual realm actually is, or how it feels to be in the spiritual realm, unless you have had an authentic out of body experience, as I have. This is how I know the spiritual realm is very real and I implore you to believe me and work on saving your soul. There’s a good reason for everything God has said and done, and it would be most wise of mankind to believe this, or else they are in serious risk of losing their Eternal Salvation. It is a far greater risk to not believe in God, than it is to believe in God, and become a Christian, but you must get to a point of Faith that is greater than lukewarm. The only way to do this is to acknowledge Jesus Christ, repent, be a good Christian, and many other things mentioned in the book of Faith and Grace by John MacArthur.

The wicked recognize the actions of Christians and they are terrified and acting out in aggression, but right now they are silent and planning something major. I can feel it. It’s been too long until they’ve pulled a fast one on mankind. Naturally, this has a significant impact on the division that already exists in the people of the world, and we all know that us being divided is not what is best for mankind. Yes, we should be divided physically, but undivided in comprehending the mechanizations of the spiritual realm and how the American government has been hijacked by Communist infiltrators, are things we should all be in agreement on, and admit that we just don’t know what the spiritual realm truly really feels like, therefore we mustn’t deny its existence. This is half the battle. Without Jesus Christ mankind is doomed. Accept Jesus Christ into your life.

It is not insignificant that we are divided religiously. It is only because non-Christians are unable to see how they are being misled by Satan and his demons. Those who worshiped BAAL and other giants are the creators of non-Christian religions. It is the objective of the mind-controlled radical left Liberal masses, those who are unable to recognize the tyrannical oppression happening right in front of their faces, to continue doing whatever the demons seduce them into doing or saying, to influence others and lure them away from God, whether they know this now or not and there is only one single thing a person can do to stop this for themselves…..Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

It is wise to speak of these things or else we will never solve the issues, and it is a monstrously evil issue that mankind needs to solve during the next couple years, or else the USA will no longer be free and that disease of Communism will spread throughout the entire world, and the world will become permanently enslaved, and there will never be another opportunity, such as right now, to break away from all of the corruption, beginning with the taxation of American’s wages. That is a fine place to start, and these things need to happen fast, while politicians who want the same things work fast and hopefully ignore anyone who objects to their actions. Just ignore them completely until they throw a tantrum, while we are reading them their prison sentence. After the wages of people are no longer taxed by the wicked, let them know it was Christians who helped this come true. Then lead them to this page so they can convert to Christianity. I implore you to help other non-Christians become Christians. If you have seen this page then it is God’s desire for you to help mankind convert to Christianity and to employ Christians into positions of power and authority. I realize prophecy is prophecy, but God would not object to anything that converts people to Christianity and prevents the horror show the wicked are planning for Christians and all of mankind. Imagine a bunch of Luciferians converting to Christianity at the last minute. That would be a miracle.